Sartorial Picks: SuitSupply Pre-Order Fall/Winter 2014

It’s that time of year again when summer styles make way for the coming autumn collections.

One of my favorite more affordable sources for the well dressed man is SuitSupply who now have some of their new wares available for pre-order.
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Savour That Treasured Vintage A Little Longer With The Coravin Wine System

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a world class bottle of wine a little longer you’re not alone. The prices of exceptional wines be they Chateau Margaux, Petrus or some other personal favorite can be significant and enjoying them a glass a time could be a real advantage.

Enter the Coravin Wine-Access System, a device that makes it possible to to pour wine without having to pull the cork. Read more »


The Merchant Fox WW1 Brass Shell Case L & R Cufflinks

We wanted to get the word out as soon as possible about these Merchant Fox WW1 British brass shell casing cufflinks. Read more »


Diageo + David Beckham + Simon Fuller = Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whiksy

Quite possibly the next whisky trend, this new single grain whisky is made at the Cameronbridge distillery in Scotland and was developed in partnership with Diageo, David Beckham and British entrepreneur Simon Fuller. Read more »


White Belgian Linen Pocket Squares With Contrast Edges From Sam Hober

New at Sam Hober for July 2014 are these wonderful handmade white Belgian linen pocket squares with contrast edges. Read more »

John Lobb Chapel

John Lobb Chapel Double Monkstrap Shoes

While I don’t think I’ll be spending $1,750.00 on a single pair of shoes anytime soon, there is nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of well crafted footwear even if it’s sadly out of my price range. Read more »


Rolex Cellini Time

For those who were convinced Rolex was only about sports watches, consider the Cellini Time new for 2014.

The Cellini is an updated classic that utilizes the best of the brand’s watchmaking  knowledge ensuring a timepiece worthy of the artist it’s named after Benvenuto Cellini (goldsmith and sculptor to the popes). Read more »

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