Kent Wang Purple Grenadine Tie


The tie which is made in Italy was well cut and of standard 3 fold construction. The silk feels good in the hand and knots up very nicely and the 57″ length should work well for most men. Most of Kent Wang’s grenadine ties are garza grossa except the purple which is supposed to be fina. However, after examining my fina grenadine tie from J.Press (see photo below), it is clearly not the same weave. The last point to mention is that the 3″ width I ordered comes up a bit short and is more like the J.Press “skinny” grenadine at 2.75″ in width. Continue Reading

The Brogues Of Summer


Just as dark brown suede chukkas are perfect for fall, warmer weather is an indicator that the shade of suede should become lighter. One of the most obvious example are suded bucks in tan and if you dare white. However, an alternate choice to consider are suede brogues in colours that evoke the season. Even though brougues may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of summer, give them a chance you may like the idea more than you think. Continue Reading

Sotheby’s Offers Historic Works By Twombly, Chamberlain and Newman From The Dia Art Foundation


The Dia Art foundation, one of the world’s preeminent Contemporary art institutions will be offering historic works by by Cy Twombly, John Chamberlain, and Barnett Newman at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art sale in New York this November. The proceeds from the sale will be used to establish an endowment for acquisitions that will strengthen its permanent collection. Continue Reading