7 Footwear Essentials


Sometimes our footwear choices can be a bit unbalanced, too much of one type and not enough of another. This list of seven essentials covers it all from formal to casual so you will never find yourself without the most appropriate choice.

1. The Black Oxford Cap Toe: The footwear icon for the well dressed man. It’s clean, minimal and with a good bulling can eliminate the need for patent shoes when you are wearing a tux.

Edward Green Chelsea

Edward Green Chelsea black cap toe oxford


2. The Brown Oxford Brogue: The same closed throat structure as our first pick but with a little more decoration and for many men actually more versatile than black. Depending on what colours you gravitate towards, this could easily be your #1.


Edward Green Asquith


3. The Monk Strap: Immensely popular but not as formal as the first two choices on our list. Whether you choose a single or double strap variety is a good option to have to mix things up a bit.

John Lobb Chapel double monkstrap

John Lobb Chapel double monkstrap


4. The Chukka Boot: Not to be confused with the desert boot. The chukka tends to have a dainite or leather sole and is more dressy than the crepe sole desert boot. A good boot to have in autumn that works well with chinos and a tweed jacket.

Allen Edmonds Dundee chukka suede

Allen Edmonds Dundee chukka suede


5. The Dress Boot: When winter inevitably comes, you have a option that can brave moderately bad weather without losing style.

Crockett & Jones Galway 2 boot

Crockett & Jones Galway 2 boot


6.  The Driving Shoe: This relaxed suede or leather slip-on with a rubber sole is great casual look for the weekend  or your holiday in sunnier climes.

Brooks Brothers driving shoe

Brooks Brothers leather driving shoe


7. The White Sneaker or Trainer: When you want that ultra casual cool the white sneaker or trainer is hard to beat.It is comfortable and can take a lot of wear and tear as you make your way around town.


Common Projects white sneaker


Joseph Fields