Ardbeg Kelpie


On June 3rd 2017 we will be celebrating another Ardbeg Day and to go along with this event we have the yearly limited-edition release.

This year Ardbeg will give us Kelpie possibly named after a shape-shifting water spirit that inhabits the lochs of Scotland or a mythic water horse that lived in the Gulf of Corryvreckan.

The Ardbeg Committee version will be bottled at 51.7% ABV and feature a maturation in new virgin Russian oak casks (from Adyghe) that will include tastes such as oily peat, dark chocolate and smoked fish as well as herbal notes, hickory wood and of course seaweed (i.e. kelp).

This is not the final word so slight changes are expected as more information comes to light. For the latest Ardbeg news visit






Joseph Fields