Mad Men Inspired Clothing At Banana Republic In August

Banana Republic has teamed up with “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant and will reveal it’s 65 item “capsule collection” of men’s and women’s fashions based on the early 60’s look of the TV series this August.

The collection will be available in Banana Republic stores and online and will feature a full range of items including suits, ties, sweaters, hats and coats with prices which are expected to be in  same range as other comparable items sold at BR.

If you want to go to the front of the line for this collection, become a fan on Banana Republic’s Facebook page and your access to the collection gets bumped up to August 10th (instead of August 11th like everyone else).

This is the second collaboration for Ms. Bryant who as you may recall, was also responsible for the Brooks Brothers “Mad Men” limited edition suit.

Joseph Fields