Barberis Cashmere Makes the New Ludlow Suit

J.Crew have reinterpreted their signature contemporary suit “The Ludlow” in luxurious Italian cashmere from Vitale Barberis Canonico.

The tailored trim silhouette includes a double-vented back (introduced last year to the J. Crew suit lineup), a narrow lapel, square flaps on the pockets, a slightly shorter cut and a two-button closure.

The navy used really adds a vitality to the garment and makes the Loro Piana navy wool fabric used in the standard Ludlow suit absolutely lacklustre.

As someone who has purchased the standard navy Ludlow (and promptly returned it for the charcoal), my biggest issue is that the colour isĀ  almost indistinguishable from black except in direct sunlight (and even then it’s difficult). But this is definitely not that fabric.

Price for Ludlow cashmere jacket $995.00

Price for Ludlow cashmere pant $495.00

Joseph Fields