Basketweave Silk Pocket Squares From Berg & Berg


When I think of silk pocket squares, my mind goes to that traditional lustrous material that seems to be best suited to the puff fold. On the other hand, when I want fabric that is more rigid and raw the natural tendency is to head towards linen. However, I have recently come across the pocket squares of the Scandinavian company Berg & Berg who have added an interested twist to texture by using basketweave silk. This results in a  drier, less shiny appearance which may be the slight deviation from the main that you’re looking for.

Berg & Berg basketweave silk pocket squares are handmade in Italy and feature handrolled edges. They are sized at 33cm x 33cm. The company was started in 2009 by Karin & Mathias Berg with the aim of creating classic timeless products using the finest materials.

Price: €20.80

Silk Paisley Pocket Square - Mid Blue/Orange



Joseph Fields