Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance, 1945–1975


Celebrating Italian post-war automotive style,  “Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance, 1945–1975″ at The Frist Center, brings together 22 of the era’s most impactful designs.

Featuring coach-built cars, concept cars and motorcycles selected by automotive authority and guest curator Ken Gross, these examples from private and museums collections, are among the finest of the period.


1955 Maserati A6G 2000 Zagato

Including the likes of  Alfa Romeo, Bizzarrini, Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia and Maserati, this exhibit helps us realize the immense influence these masters of design had on the automotive industry the world over.


1952 Italian-American Cunningham C3 Continental

Not to be missed, Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance, 1945–1975, runs from May 27th-October 9th at The Frist.


1961 Ferrari 400 Superamerica

1957 Moto Guzzi V-8

1957 Moto Guzzi V-8



Joseph Fields