Berluti: At Their Feet From Rizzoli


Footwear enthusiasts rejoice! After 120 years, the house of Berluti renowned for handcrafting some of the finest footwear is getting its due. Out this month, the new book Berluti: At Their Feet from Rizzoli, is a visual feast about the prodigious shoemaker.

Taking us from Alessandro Berluti’s more humble beginnings s a carriage maker in Italy to international fame as a bespoke shoemaker in Paris, Berluti: At Their Feet, lets the shoes do most of the talking in this 72 page, 13″ x 17″ folio.

After an introduction by style guru Glenn O’Brien, we dive right into the shoes of Berluti’s acclaimed clientele like author Marcel Proust, artist Andy Warhol and fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent to name but a few of the twenty-six patrons featured.

Footwear photography is accompanied by client quotes on the facing pages which are interwoven with whimsical illustrations by Mathias Augustyniak. An interesting two page chart also lets us get up close and personal with client details that date back to 1895.

From timeless classics like the monk-strap shoes commissioned by HRH The Duke of Windsor to more daring choices like Bryan Ferry’s black and brown burnished oxfords, this fitting tribute covers the gamut of of tastes and styles seen throughout the history of the brand.

With a mastery of traditional craftsmanship honed over more than a century, Berluti: At Their Feet celebrates the culture of shoemaking and the exacting patrons that keep them at the top of their game.  A notable addition to your style arsenal.

Price: $75




© Berluti: At Their Feet, Rizzoli New York, 2016







Joseph Fields