Bolin Webb Special Edition R1 Jack Razor

If your shaving equipment is not reflecting you contemporary sensibility fret no longer as Bolin Webb has the matter firmly in hand.

Currently producing an a very sleek range of shaving razors for men which include the original R1 (Jet,Argent,Graphite and Alpine) as well as the more recent R1-S (Monza Red,Blue 3000,Ferrara Yellow and Signal Orange), which should be enough colour variations to suit most tastes.

The latest addition to this line is the R1 Jack, a special edition of the R1 razor that unabashedly showcases its Britishness. This special edition is available through the Bolin Webb website as well as select merchants. As with all Bolin Webb razors, this model is compatible with Gillette’s Mach3 blades and is made in the UK.

Price: £55.00

Joseph Fields