Inside Burgundy With Sotheby’s Wine and Jasper Morris


Sotheby’s Wine and Berry Bros. and Rudd bring you  “Inside Burgundy” by Jasper Morris MW (Master of Wine).

As one of the world’s leading experts on the wines of Burgundy this book presents unrivalled insights (at least in the English language) on the vineyards, the wine and the people of the region.

Totaling 656 pages and covering 1,000 specific vineyards from grand crus to obscure plots, this text combines three decades of intimate personal knowledge of Burgundy and includes some of the most extensive wine maps published in the Anglo world. Inside Burgundy helps us answer the question of  just why this small slice of France yields some of the world’s most treasured wines.

Jasper Morris has lived, breathed, bought and sold Burgundy since 1981 and is currently a wine expert at Berry Bros. and Rudd in London (est. 1698). He will be doing a book signing on Thursday February 10th in New York at 1334 York Ave. Please contact Sotheby’s to RSVP as space is limited.

Price: $75.00

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  1. Louetta Dauria says:

    Great blog here I like all the information thats being shared, congratulations.

  2. Sanora Hemphill says:

    very informative blog thanks

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