Boots Autumn/Winter 2012

As the various collections start to trickle in for Autumn/Winter, I thought it was about time to start showcasing a little of what has come out so far starting with footwear. In this case I’m referring more specifically to boots which go hand in hand with the additional layers and thicker more hearty fabrics that are appropriate for the season.

Although the choices are slanted more heavily towards the American brands (Alden and Red Wing), the English company Grenson has two models featured for a new collection that is far above average.

Grenson Clyde in black £245.00

Alden Indy boot in natural CXL with Commando Sole $525.00 at Leffot

Grenson Hadley in tan scotch grain £215.00

Red Wing 9111 Copper Rough & Tough from Brooks Brothers $230.00

Joseph Fields