Brooks Brothers Red Fleece


As a fan of Brooks Brothers I’m always more than willing to introduce whatever I think is interesting from the venerable American brand.

This new offering is called Red Fleece is a more youthful take on the classic Brooks style as defined by slimmer proportions and a more eclectic sensibility.

That is all well and good but since it has been a few years since Brooks Brothers introduced slim fit and extra slim fit clothing across their entire range is there really anything new about Red Fleece besides re-branding for a younger customer? On the website the labels in the clothes don’t even say Red Fleece which seems somewhat contrary to the idea of a collection.

Don’t get wrong there are some interesting items here (see pics below) but the overall presentation that binds these items as a collection seems a little off the mark.


Arm Stripe Track Jacket $168.00


Bold Tattersall Sport Shirt $79.50


Piped Jersey Polo $59.59


Casual Parka $298.00

Joseph Fields