The Rarest Of The Rare: Cervelt Socks From William Abraham


Surpassing Cashmere and even Vicuña, Cervelt is the ne plus ultra of luxury materials. So, it is no surprise that William Abraham in its quest to provide the discerning man with sock options that go well beyond the traditional while steering clear of fashion trends have made this premium material into luxury socks.

Cervelt comes from the down fibre of a rare species of New Zealand red deer which averages only 13 microns in diameter (making it one of the finest natural fibres on earth) and because of its unique “wavy curl” characteristic, it is actually quite durable in addition to being sumptuously soft.

Available in a beautiful natural tone, these Italian made OTC sized socks are full-bodied and suitable for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Price: $1275 USD



Joseph Fields