Christie’s Jubilee Line Exhibition 30 May To 1 June

While there are more Jubilee related events than anyone has time for, Christie’s is offering a unique opportunity to mark this milestone that should not be missed.

From 30 May to 1 June, more than fifty works from the Royal Portrait Collection of Sir Timothy Rice will be on view at Christie’s King Street location.

Included in this exhibition is a very fine portrait of Henry VIII dating from around 1520 by an unknown English School artist. The curious thing is that for most of its history, this painting was thought to be of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk an idea that was only overturned in 2001 by David Moore-Gwyn.

Other highlights include a depiction of Queen Elizabeth I (Sieve Portrait), a Warhol of Prince Charles and a hologram of Queen Elizabeth II by Chris Levine who’s work currently graces the cover of Time magazine. With a timeline than spans almost 500 years there is enough variety to make this an enjoyable cultural outing for all.

All exhibition artwork is courtesy of Christie’s

Joseph Fields