Church’s Suede Kaber Monk Strap Shoes

With the monk-strap shoe being particularly popular this season, we’ve decided to feature it again in the somewhat tweaked incarnation that is the suede Kaber from Church’s.

Leffot have stocked this model in brown calf for a few years but now that they are offering it in suede, the point of this being a less formal shoe is certainly cemented if any doubt was present before.

These may not be to everyone’s taste as they feature some unique design elements including a kiltie and broguing in addition to the monk-strap which brings them dangerously close to detail overkill. They are available in a lush navy as well as a burnished brown suede.

For those who missed our “Style Alert” regarding some more traditional versions of the monk-strap, the post can be found here.

Price: $735.00

Church’s Suede Kaber Monk Strap navy

Church’s Suede Kaber Monk Strap brown

Joseph Fields