A Colorful Business

At some point, all of us get to feeling that winter may never end. It affects our mood and our look. Whether intentional or not, we fall into the rut of wearing a navy or gray suit, white dress shirt, and dark, solid color tie. But suddenly we see an adventurous guy on a 50-degree day walking down the sidewalk in a pair of shorts and realize spring has arrived. Our mood brightens, and we’d like to wear something to match it. But don’t go color crazy just yet. Leave the bolder statements for summer. Because like those first hints of spring, now is the time to opt for subtle ways to bring color into your look.


Pocket squares.

Many guys overlook the pocket square, but that little bit of color emerging from the breast pocket of your jacket can have a big impact. Think about buying a selection in a variety of colors and patterns and rotating them during the week. Match the pocket square with a minor color from your tie. Consider springtime colors, like yellow, light blue, and even pink. But be careful. You want to create a subtle statement here, not overwhelm with pastels. You don’t want to look like you fell off a Mardi Gras float.


Knot Cuff Links.

Available in solid, two-color—usually white with another color—and tri-color, the knot cuff link is an often-neglected accessory for many men. Usually, we reach for the standard metal cufflinks—which have their place—but knots are possibly the best way to add that hint of color you’re looking for. As with pocket squares, match them with a minor color in your tie.


If you’re wondering just how much of an impact something as tiny as a cuff link can make, try something unconventional with one of yours. Poke one through the single buttonhole at the top of the lapel of your jacket. It’s a simple, small, yet incredibly stylish accent. It’s the men’s style equivalent of the mole on Cindy Crawford’s face—good looking without it, stop-you-in-your-tracks-worthy with it.



If your pants are breaking correctly, the socks you’re wearing will show when you’re sitting at your desk, or while crossing your legs at lunch. They present another opportunity to add a bit of color. Think light blues, greens, yellows and pinks. This isn’t the time for the more vibrant oranges, purples, and reds of summer. If you’re thinking about adding a pattern, socks follow the same rules that apply to matching shirts and ties. And be sure to take your whole look into account, you don’t want a crazy zigzag at your ankles competing with a checked shirt and a striped tie.


Color correct.

Pocket squares, knot cuff links, and socks are all great ways to infuse a little bit of color into your look. But perhaps you pick just one to wear each day instead of throwing all three into your look immediately. Be patient. Just because that adventurous guy is wearing shorts on a 50-degree day doesn’t mean he’s not regretting it. Go slow. Spring doesn’t arrive all in one day, you know.

Originally published on Of Rogues and Gentlemen

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