Crockett And Jones Randolph Oxford: Details Made The Difference

Any serious shoe manufacturer will make a classic oxford (balmoral in America). Unfortunately, a great many of them are virtually identical to shoes made generations ago and that’s a shame.

I sincerely believe that by exploiting the details within an otherwise static form (in this case the oxford), we help enhance our individual style in subtle ways that are notable but not cringe-worthy.

The  Crockett and Jones Randolph oxford, is a shining example of this this idea used successfully. By incorporating delicate punching around the shoe, ornamentation is added without weighing down the oxford in the way that traditional brogueing can. The result is a sleek and sophisticated shoe that is a well needed update to the status quo.

The Randolph is part of the Crockett and Jones Hand Grade collection.

Price: £415 including VAT

Joseph Fields