Diesel Superhero Boxer Briefs, Underoos For Adults

More than a little reminiscent of  Underoos, the  popular brand of  children’s underwear dating back to the late 1970’s, these boxer briefs are the adult version is made by Diesel in conjunction with Warner Brothers. Featuring four icons of the comic book universe, your choices include Batman, The Joker, Green Lantern and The Flash (perfect for Sheldon of the “Big Bang Theory”).

Since all information regarding this product is via the Japanese Diesel site, these superhero underwear may not see the light of day in Europe and North America and have the potential to be a coveted item in geekdom should the release remain exclusive to Japan.

Price: ¥ 5,145 each

Batman superhero underwear by Diesel

The Joker superhero underwear by Diesel

The Flash superhero underwear by Diesel

Green Lantern superhero underwear by Diesel


Joseph Fields