The Döttling Gyrowinder: Art In Motion


If you’re going to spend a small fortune on automatic luxury watches you’re going to want to keep them wound. Up until now, these watch winders didn’t really lend themselves to any sort of display as they were designed to perform a task and were not concerned with anything in the realm of aesthetics.

That certainly has changed since the introduction of the Gyrowinder from Döttling. Known primarily for their finely crafted safes, the Gyrowinder which comes off as some sort of 21st century armillary sphere, is actually modeled on a piece of equipment used by NASA to train astronauts to prevent spatial disorientation called a gyroscope.

This high-precision instrument is the first to enable a completely free rotation of the watch in every direction – including a complete rollover – which is the closest one can get to wearing the watch on the wrist. Conventional watch winders are only capable of turning a watch on a fixed axis either to the left or the right.

The other aspect that makes the Gyrowinder so unique is the abundance of possible adjustments. Since all watches have different weights, it is delivered with a set of counterweights – like those for an antique scale – that can be used to individually balance out each watch.

The Gyrowinder is availble in four different finishes and starts at EUR 11,800 or USD $15,500.



Joseph Fields