Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Shaving Set With New Synthetic Brush


I’ve been using an old wooden handle shaving brush for what seems like forever and finally decided to take the plunge and update my shaving arsenal after scrutinizing several sets for a year or so.

What I decided on was the three piece Chatsworth chrome set from Edwin Jagger whose products are made by skilled craftsmen in Sheffield, an area synonymous with quality metalwork since the Georgian period. They did offer a four piece set which comes with a shaving bowl but I found this unnecessary as I am very pleased with the Mühle porcelain shaving bowl I’ve been using for a few years.

The Chatsworth range particularly in chrome, is quite striking and as I found out upon opening this well presented set, extremely sturdy. The reason for this is that the set is made using solid turned, hand polished brass which has then been triple plated with copper, nickel and blue white chrome resulting in a particularly appealing finish.

The synthetic fill brush is exceptional, a perfect blend between soft and firm with a nice amount of spring to the fibre. It whips up a lather in no time and has not shown any sign of loose bristles. The razor when is compatible with the Gillette Mach III system, seems well balanced a glides very nicely over the face.

The only small issue I will bring up is with the double wire stand which is minutely off-kilter. This only becomes noticeable when taking off and putting on the robust brush. The leveling issue however small I feel is worth noting and may be nothing more than the slight differences that result from an item that is handmade. All in all a very nice shaving set that I would recommend.

This Edwin Jagger set was purchased through The English Shaving Company for £178.00 (before VAT).

edwin jagger chatsworth shaving set

Edwin Jagger chrome Chatsworth shaving set with a Parian bust of George Frideric Handel.

Joseph Fields