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With hundreds of distilleries across the world making a wide range of whiskies how do you go about finding the best whisky for you? Do you associate price with quality or is age your measure for greatness? No need to worry my fellow whisky enthusiasts aims to alleviate your plight with their Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon App. The application allows you to view, compare, and decide on a whiskey that’s best for you based on price, age, region, distiller, Expert Rating, and more. The Expert Rating is a weighted average of the top whiskey testers. Some of our sources include The Beverage Testing Institute, The International Wine and Spirit Competition, and The LA Whisk(e)y Society. FindTheBest eliminates the hassle of finding and cross referencing sources; you’re welcome!

In addition to gathering the relevant data FindTheBest also provide a guide for selection. At the bottom of the Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon App is a break down of how age and price relate to excellence. FindTheBest also reveals how their expert rating is formed; complete transparency. sole purpose is provide objective data and guidance so you can find your whiskey!

So you’ve found your top five whiskies for under $200 now what? You share with your friends of course! allows you to take your comparisons and create a sharable slideshow. Take a look at my “Top Five for Under Two Hundred.”

FindTheBest is an objective, socially curated comparison engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and decide what’s the best for you. FindTheBest is your one stop best-finder!

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