Forty Creek (40%, OB, ‘Small Batch Reserve’, Lot 105, 2008) – Canadian Whisky Tasting Note

On the nose is slightly closed, actually quite closed, however there are some hints of rye, some tobacco (unlit) and juniper (lots from the cask). The taste is ever so gentle and then the rye notes rise up (gently, gently) and become very honeyed and very, very enjoyable. Quite sensational actually; a gentle riot of rye notes and honey. The finish is a good reflection of the taste with some hints of oiliness and lots of grain notes. Very chewy and smackingly good.

In 1992 after 22 years in the Niagara wine industry John Hall was ready to embrace a new challenge and decided to explore the craft of distilling spirits. His Forty Creek Whisky is one of the fastest growing whiskies in North America and his passion for whisky making has garnered him many accolades. John’s whisky making style does not bind him to any one tradition instead he uses different traditions as a source of inspiration.

Score 86

John Hall whisky maker