Fred Perry Re-Issues Celebrate Subcultures

Celebrating the stories behind four subcultures, Fred Perry has created the re-issues collection consisting of the 1957 Fred Perry shirt, 1963 Northern Soul shirt, 1976 Punk shirt and the 1979 Perry Boy shirt.

The 1957 Fred Perry Shirt tells the story of how the iconic twin tipping came to be. Back in ’57 West Ham football fans asked the famous retailer Lilywhites of London whether their team colours could be added to a Fred Perry shirt. After enquiring with Fred Perry, the colours were duly added and formed the now iconic maroon/white/ice colour combination. has a slightly shorter placket and non-branded buttons with a hem that sits slightly longer at the back with vents at either side.

The 1963 Northern Soul Shirt celebrates Fred Perry’s unique relationship with this vibrant subculture. Largely ignored by the southern based media, word of mouth spread about the infamous ‘all-nighters’ at The Twisted Wheel, The Torch and The Wigan Casino and soon young people from across the country embraced Northern Soul.  Feature unique club patches, set against a choice of the traditional black and champagne tipped or pure white pique shirt.

The black Fred Perry shirt with champagne tipping and Laurel Wreath has become synonymous with music fans, but first came to prevalence in 1976 when the Punk and New Wave movements adopted it as their own. Comes with a unique bleach-splash design on the front and back of each shirt.

Celebrating the unique underground subculture of the ‘The Perry Boys’, the 1979 shirt has been created in a finer, flatter cotton pique to reflect the trend-setting nature of the group. Featuring a slightly shorter placket and fastening with three non-branded buttons.

Price: £75.00-£85.00






Joseph Fields