Fuller’s New Whisky Beer Brewer’s Reserve No.3

Fuller’s, known by many for their exceptional London Porter has released the third offering in their limited edition Brewer’s Reserve series.

Brewer’s Reserve No.3 (Oak Aged Ale) a.k.a. “whisky beer” has been matured in Auchentoshan whisky casks for over 800 days.This extensive maturation time according to Fuller’s has infused the beer with delicious vanilla, warm honey and spicy ginger flavours and combined with the rich malt body and pleasant sharp fruitiness derived from the beer, result in a wonderfully complex and very satisfying beer.

However, this is not the first “whisky beer” that Fuller’s has produced. Back in November of 2008, Brewer’s Reserve No.1 was born after being aged 500 days in 30-year-old single malt casks.

Since as a limited edition product, Brewer’s Reserve No.1 has already come and gone, don’t delay in sampling the new No.3 and what may be left of Brewer’s Reserve No.2 which features a delicious marmalade palate with hints of cognac.

Many thanks to Mark and Richard at Fuller’s for the product images.

For more information visit the Fuller’s website.

Joseph Fields