Shoes Worth Knowing About Gaziano & Girling

As some of the most stylish and sophisticated English shoes on the market, Gaziano & Girling are a force to reckoned with.

Even if you can’t or are not willing to part with £1000+ pounds for a pair of shoes, what they have done in the world of men’s footwear is well worth mentioning (as well as seeing).

As Simon Crompton of Permanent Style pointed out, the shoes of Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling were a “breath of fresh air in an industry that had produced the same lace-ups in black, brown and tan for decades”. They offer both bespoke and bench-made styles with an unmistakable look that is highly sculpted and for some absolutely irresistible.

The good news is that Gaziano & Girling have already exerted some influence on the English shoe industry so you may want to wait for a more reasonably priced alternative from one of the other quality shoemakers that are using some of that G&G style.

Since they are headquartered in the U.K., shoe connoisseurs on the other side of the Atlantic should consider Leffot in New York if you want to have a look at these fine shoes stateside.

Gaziano & Girling

Leffot (The two examples shown below are Burlington in black and Rothschild in Vintage Oak)


Joseph Fields