Gentleman Style: The New E-Book By Spencer Ten Brink


We all know that the vast majority of western civilised men are not particularly bothered about having a sophisticated appearance. Frankly, it is considered either a waste of money or a waste of time. However, there has always been a group of men striving to maintain a consistently dapper appearance. For anyone who is interested in fine-tuning his taste, I wanted to provide a fresh approach with my recently published book “Gentleman Style”.


As a 40-year-old German living with my family in Great Britain, I am passionate about style. I left behind a career as a top management adviser to write this book, after spending ten years researching in the European capitals of Rome, Amsterdam and London.


The book covers everything from bespoke tailoring, knitwear, welt-sewn shoes and trainers and dressing gowns to underwear: I wanted to clarify what constitutes a correct fit and how to identify high-quality materials. Furthermore I outline the fundamentals of elegant appearance and hope to inspire readers to start experimenting with their own combinations, be it sock colour, tie patterns, choice of briefcase – and much more. In addition to clothing and style, I added a section on grooming which exposes some of the myths purported by advertising and trends.


The unique thing about my how-to guide is its perceptive exposition of premium niche products, mainly from Great Britain and Italy, and the portraits of specialist craftsmen and luxury manufacturers with a long-standing tradition of menswear excellence. My intention is to fill the reader with enthusiasm when planning his next shopping expedition.

Packed with  324 colour photos, the 209 page iBook “Gentleman Style” is available for $14.99.


Spencer ten Brink