The Gentleman’s Handbook

As Mr. Tong states in the introduction, the perfect gentleman is perhaps something that words alone cannot quite define. In ‘The Gentleman’s Handbook: The Essential Guide to Being A Man’, Alfred Tong gives us his take on that elusive concept by covering a variety of circumstances all gentlemen should know how to navigate.

It’s a pleasant surprise that this little volume attempts to be more far reaching than the expected (but essential) topic of style covered in Chapter 3 as it includes chapters on the workplace, socializing and even seduction!

While the small size of the book (18 x 14.2 x 2.5 cm) obviously limits the amount of pages devoted to each topic, ‘The Gentleman’s Handbook’ published by Hardie Grant, is a concise guide for those men seeking to refine their skills of etiquette, taste and style.



Joseph Fields