Get Fit – The Importance Of Having A Tailor

The cornerstone of everything in a man’s style is proper fit. With it, you can reach the ultimate expression of your personal style. Without it, no matter how much you spend on your wardrobe, your clothes will be a wasted opportunity. Much like every time the Yankees miss baseball’s postseason. This is why having a relationship with a tailor is so important. With one look, a good tailor will be able to know exactly how your clothes should fit to accentuate your body type. And using one is crucial to creating your own style.


See beyond the suit.

Obviously you’re familiar with the role a tailor plays when buying a suit. From bespoke, where the tailor is literally creating the suit to your measurements, to off-the-rack, where alterations are needed, a tailor is crucial to getting a suit to fit correctly. But a suit is just the beginning of what a tailor can do for you.



Perfect shirts and pants.

In some ways, you need to begin thinking of buying dress shirts, sport shirts and trousers from your favorite store as step one. With shirts, especially if they’re sized S, M, L, or XL, they’re made to a general body type in that size and very rarely will you be that exact type. A tailor can create your size shirt, and give it just the shape you want, whether slim or full.

When it comes to trousers, beyond the usual waist size issues that pants come with, the inseam is rarely consistent across brands. And, because most men make the mistake of wearing their pants too long, a tailor is practically the only way you’ll be able to get your pants to break correctly.

And what happens to that closet full of dress shirts or trousers you own if you suddenly surprise yourself by sticking to a new year’s fitness resolution and lose weight? A tailor can salvage that investment at very little cost.


Tailor your search.

Finding “your” tailor is much harder than finding “a” tailor but this shouldn’t deter you. It’s a working relationship, and it can take time to locate the tailor you work best with. You might look for someone who is closer to your age, as they will more than likely have a style aesthetic that is similar to yours or know what is appropriate for you, if you don’t. That being said, the confidence and the “I’ve-seen-it-all” storehouse of knowledge an older tailor provides may be what you’ll respond to best. You’re looking for a balance, where the guidance and expertise being offered are tempered by a willingness to consider your requests. You’re looking for a balance, where the guidance and expertise being offered are tempered by a willingness to consider your requests.


Live the tailored life.

When your clothes fit, one thing you’ll immediately recognize is a difference between what you have on and how you used to look. Because most every guy you see will be wearing at least one piece of clothing that’s the wrong size and, consequently, either uncomfortable or sloppy looking. You, on the other hand, will feel good in your clothes. And that translates to how you approach both your work and personal life. With benefits like these, who wouldn’t want to live the tailored life?



Five things to ask a tailor.

Many people can hem your pants. And while that’s beneficial, it’s important to find a tailor who can provide much more. You’re looking for a person who can help you create your look, so here are some important questions to ask.

How long have you been doing this?
Experience is key.

What’s your take on men’s fashion?
If you’re looking for a traditionalist or a more current style advocate, this is where you find out.

Can I see some of your work?
Chances are he’ll either have something at hand or some photos to show you.

How long?
No matter how good a tailor is if you have to wait an inordinate amount of time you might want to look elsewhere.

How much?
Ask about prices for different services but remember, like most things, the cheaper you go, the less the quality.

Originally published on Of Rogues and Gentlemen

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