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Glen Garioch, Scotland’s most easterly distillery, has unveiled its latest small batch vintage expression, the Glen Garioch 1994.

The limited edition, only the third special addition to the Glen Garioch single malt range, was laid down just before the distillery was mothballed for two years in 1995, making this one of the last opportunities to sample old Glen Garioch’s smoky Highland essence.

With only 1000 8.4L cases available globally and just 75 in the UK, this exclusive dram is aimed fairly and squarely at discerning whisky connoisseurs and will be on shelf ahead of Father’s Day.

John Mullen, Glen Garioch brand manager, said: “Glen Garioch is an enduring spirit with more than 200 years of provenance.  This vintage is one of the last to capture the old Glen Garioch smoky peat notes and has been hand-picked at the peak of its perfection.

“Our aim with all our limited edition expressions is to show the real quality of the liquid.  Glen Garioch may be a small artisan distillery but it produces some of the finest single malts which stand up well against the big guns.

“With a feisty cask strength 53.9% ABV, this edition to the range holds true to the warmth and charm of our Highland heritage. It’s the epitome of Glen Garioch’s genuine, couthie spirit.”

The peated malt is old Glen Garioch at its finest, combining subtle smoke with fresh Highland floral aromas and toffee and Demerara sugar.

Patiently matured in North American Oak barrels and non chill filtered, this unique single malt is also one of the last Glen Gariochs to feature barley malted on site in their malt barns.  Glen Garioch stopped using peat and their own maltings when the distillery re-opened in 1997 making this a rare vintage for single malt fans.

With its proud Doric history, the Aberdeenshire malt captures the enduring and couthie spirit of the Highlands town of Oldmeldrum.

The small batch limited edition releases incorporate the old style Glen Garioch to enhance the premium range.  Vintages are only selected when it is felt they have reached the peak of their perfection.

Mullen added: “With only 75 cases available in the UK, and based on the success of our two previous small batch releases, whisky enthusiasts will need to be quick out of the blocks.  Likewise anyone looking to wow their dad on June 19th.”

At 53.9% ABV, Glen Garioch 1994 is available from specialist wine and spirit merchants, retailing circa £59.99.  It is distributed by Cellar Trends in the UK.



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  • Glen Garioch, pronounced Glen Geery, founded in 1797 is one of the oldest remaining distilleries in Scotland
  • The distillery lies on rising ground at the picturesque town of Oldmeldrum, just 17 miles north-west of Aberdeen
  • Glen Garioch was relaunched in October 2010 with a core range of two single malt whiskies – the Glen Garioch 1797 Founder’s Reserve, a non chill-filtered single malt bottled at 48% ABV and the Glen Garioch 12 Year Old, non chill-filtered single malt bottled at 48% ABV after maturing in bourbon and sherry casks.
  • Glen Garioch is owned by the Morrison Bowmore Distillers Limited who also produce Bowmore and Auchentoshan
  • Glen Garioch is distributed by Cellar Trends in the UK, tel: 01283 217 703.

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