Grant’s Stand Fast Recreated From The First Blending Book

While rooting around a year ago in one of the Distillery Cottages, Grant’s archivist Paul Kendal happened upon an astounding thing, the company’s very first blending book containing the original Grant’s Stand Fast blend created on June 11th, 1912.

With this information a challenge was born, to recreate as faithfully as possible the blend from 1912.

As with any worthwhile endeavour, some obstacles had to be overcome including the fact that certain distilleries William Grant worked with are no longer in production as well as the need to replace the chilled filtration used today with the substitute of egg white filtration to eliminate the natural haze that occurs with whisky bottled at 40%abv.

Exactly one hundred years to the day the first recipe was recorded, 100 bottles of the 2012 Stand Fast were filled. Unfortunately, none of these will be for public sale and will be kept in the archives for future generations of Master Blenders.


A page from Grant’s first blending book dated 1912

Joseph Fields