Hacoa Wooden iPhone Case

For those of you feeling too far removed from nature, Japanese firm Hacoa offers you the chance to meld technology and the natural word with their wooden iPhone cases.

Available in walnut, rosewood or maple each case is machined from one piece of wood before being finished by hand to achieve the perfect fit for your iPhone 4 or 4s.

Hacoa promises us that over time and with regular use, the wood will acquire a polished feel with an individual patina that will make your iPhone even more attractive and unique. However, when that lustrous patina is achieved, will the case still be usable on the next iPhone with it’s slightly revamped look?

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  • Material / Weight: Walnut (16g), Rosewood (20g), Maple (19g)
  • Size: W64 x D12 x H117 mm
  • Coating: Clear polyurethane
  • Price: ¥6,825  or $84 USD

Hacoa wooden iPhone case

Joseph Fields