Tasteful Valentine’s Day Boxers

hamilton-hare-boxers-pink pinstripe

With Valentine’s  Day swiftly approaching, we will soon be inundated with countless heart and cupid themed items that can be a bit of an eyesore especially on something like men’s boxers. Although the sentiment from our loved ones is well placed, the gift usually enjoys very limited use.

Why not break away from those exhausted themes with the limited edition pink pinstripe boxers from Hamilton & Hare. While the colour is appropriate for Valentine’s Day, you will not feel that they are a chore to wear and they may in fact become one of your favorites.

Made from the finest two-ply poplin and featuring details like a silk-lined fly and pink mother of pearl buttons, these tailored fit boxers use Savile Row expertise that keeps the comfort while eliminating the volume found in men’s traditional cut undergarments.

Price: £38.50

hamilton and hare boxers in pink pinstripe

hamilton and hare boxers in pink pinstripe


Joseph Fields