J.Crew Ludlow Shoes


To accompany the the Ludlow range of suits and shirts, J.Crew has re-branded their own shoes to be part of the offering. This time around, in addition to the Italian leather they were using in previous incarnations of their house brand, they have now added a Goodyear welt which like any respectable brand enables the customer to resole their shoes thus extending the longevity of your investment.

These are all positives, but where I wish J.Crew could have gone further is with the currently undeclared origin of manufacture. We are well aware that leather is Italian and the Goodyear welt is American-made but could they have done more?

For a price of around $300 USD, I think they should have partnered with the likes of Allen Edmonds in the USA or Loake in England to produce a shoe that they could really brag about. Everyone is trying to cut costs, but in my opinion, for the price (or a tiny bit more) they could have taken the manufacture of these shoes to the next level.




Joseph Fields