Kent OE1 Club Brush Review


When my trusty Kent OG4 brush (beech wood base with white bristles) had no more life to give, I thought I would upgrade to the OE1 ebony wood club brush for a slightly more upscale look.

In the hand the Kent OE1 has a more substantial feel and weight owing not only to what is probably a denser wood (ebony vs beech) but also to more square and less rounded edges when compared to the OG4.

The look is of course more dramatic with the white bristles contrasting beautifully against the ebony handle. However, keep in mind that any scalp flakes will also stand out against the ebony wood far more than with a beech handle. So perhaps a little extra work to keep tidy but worth it.

In terms of construction, these two brushes are both hand-finished which is at a level below the handmade range and both are made in England.

The only issue I’ve had with the OE1 club brush is that one or two dark bristles managed to get inserted into the brush which unfortunately reveals some quality control issues which should be looked into.

The retail price is £47 for the OE1 vs £27 for the OG4 but you should shop around and compare for the best price. In the USA and Canada the cost is at least $100 and in some cases almost $160 which really doesn’t make sense on any level so be warned!

A fine quality brush that should last for may years. As with all brushes, invest in brush cleaner and do it regularly to keep it in the best possible condition.





Joseph Fields