Kent Wang Purple Grenadine Tie


As a fan of the distinctively textured weave called grenadine, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my thoughts about the Kent Wang purple grenadine tie that I recently purchased.

Since Grenadine ties are not available everywhere, it’s very refeshing to see a young haberdasher like Kent stocking 11 different solid colours of the weave as well as the choice between a blade with width 3″ for a slimmer look or the more traditional 3.5″.

The tie which is made in Italy was well cut and of standard 3 fold construction. The silk feels good in the hand and knots up very nicely. The 57″ length should work well for most men.

Most of Kent Wang’s grenadine ties are garza grossa except the purple which is supposed to be fina. However, after examining my fina grenadine tie from J.Press (see photo below), it is clearly not the same weave. The last point to mention is that the 3″ width I ordered comes up a bit short and is more like the J.Press “skinny” grenadine at 2.75″ in width.

All in all a good quality product that only falls short in some of the more specific details of width and weave size.

Price: $75 and kent wang grenadine ties

Joseph Fields