Leffot Drivers: Stylish Summer Shoes

As a reinvention of the traditional moccasin, the driving moc has cemented its place as a classic summer shoe. Because it maintains the flexibility and comfort of a traditional moccasin, but increases longevity with the addition of rubber pads on the sole, it is a more laid-back alternative to other slip-on shoes like the penny loafer.

While there are many subtle variations of this shoe, today we present a tasseled version from Leffot. Made of suede and available in Snuff as well as Lavanda/Graphite (essentially lavender), you have the option of playing it safe with a shade you’ve seen many times before or taking a chance on something a little more vibrant.

Price: $325.00

Leffot Snuff Tassel Driver


Leffot Lavanda + Graphite Tassel Driver

All images from Leffot

Joseph Fields