Linen And Seersucker: Summer Fabrics


Before the blazing summer heat is upon us, take a moment to consider two seasonal standby fabrics linen and seersucker.

Linen, with a history that stretches back thousands of years has always been a popular choice due to its ability to absorb a fair amount of moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp on the skin. Although the wrinkles which are also a characteristic of the fabric can annoy, try to put that undesirable aspect out of your mind and enjoy the casual chic.

Seersucker, which seems to have come to the fore during the British colonial period, is a puckered cotton fabric that is most often striped. Its popularity however, received a boost during the 1920’s when preppy undergrad students in the United States made it a part of their look and continues to enjoy a certain amount of popularity to this day. Even if the seersucker suit is not your thing, you may want to get your feet wet with the purchase of some swim trunks or a belt made from the fabric.

So think of linen and seersucker the same way you think of tweed during the cooler months and take a seasonal approach to your wardrobe.



Joseph Fields