Linyushanren Collection Of Song Ceramics At Christie’s New York And London


Following its opening in Hong Kong this past November, the Linyushanren Collection of Song ceramics will make its way to New York and London in the Spring of 2013. This rare opportunity affords the general public a chance to  see highlights from this exceptional Japanese private collection that showcases not only decorative works of art used for display but utilitarian items made for everyday use.

This non-selling exhibition features a selection of 80 Song ceramic wares that have been chosen from the 200 piece collection due to the exemplary nature . The full spectrum of forms, glazes and decorative techniques from 11 different kiln sites are represented tracing the complex production of ceramics that took place during Song dynasty China.

Assembling a virtually complete representation of Song dynasty (960-1279) wares, this sublime expression of the Chinese potter’s art will be an invaluable resource for those that appreciate to genius of this period.

The address and date information for the New York and London viewing of The Classic Age of Chinese Ceramics: An Exhibition of Song Treasures from the Linyushanren Collection can be found below.

Christie’s New York
15-25 March 2013
20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York

Christie’s London
10-14 May 2013
8 King Street, St. James’s, London


A Carved Cizhou ‘Peony’ Meiping, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). 12 1/8 in. high.


A Black Ding ‘Partridge Feather’ Conical Bowl, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). 7 ½ in. diam.


A Painted Cizhou ‘Fish’ Truncated Meiping, Northern Song-Jin Dynasty (960-1234). 9 7/8 in. high.

All images courtesy of Christie’s

Joseph Fields