Loake Pimlico: Exceptional Value Made In England Chukka Boot


The Pimlico chukka from Loake’s 1880 line represents a great value in English made shoes and the best that Loake has to offer. At a price of £209 (and steadily creeping upwards), this is still far more than your run of the mill export shoe but worth every bit of the price.

The refined elongated shape is quite different than the standard chukka that you may know especially for those who are used to the more casual rounded shape chukka that the American market tends to offer.

If this is a boot you are considering, it is worth mentioning that because of the higher three eyelet height and the narrow shape these look best with trousers that are narrow at the bottom and cut slightly higher.

When compared with other similar shapes from well know shoe makers like Crockett & Jones and Edward Green for example, one quickly becomes aware that this is the perfect jumping off point for those who want to to start upgrading their footwear for less than other ‘made in England’ shoes.

Available in dark brown suede or brown leather, the Loake Pimlico is made on the Capital last which translates into a full size smaller than standard American sizes and a half size down for English sizing. When in doubt ask first to ascertain the best fit.



Joseph Fields