Mad Men Plaque Belt

I’ve been noticing the plaque belt  Don Draper has been wearing  (from at least the end of Season 3 of Mad Men). He might have been wearing it from the beginning of the series but that’s when it caught my attention at least.

If it’s piqued you interest as well, there is no need to go rummaging around in vintage clothing stores to find one. Make your way over to Trafalgar Belts, choose your buckle and leather strap and you’re done.

If you want to recreate Don’s look accurately go for the etched 24K gold plate over brass buckle (1 inch) and pair that with the 1 inch belt strap of your choosing. Personally, I would go for the etched Rhodium plate but that’s just me.

Buckle Price: from $55 Strap Price: from $48

For those who can’t get enough of the series comes  Mad Men A Musical Companion out April 5th 2011. This is a 2 disc set  that features nearly three dozen pop favorites from the early ’60s including major hits and rediscovered tracks from a wide spectrum of artists.

Joseph Fields