Solid Shirt Variations


When building a wardrobe, I always advise men to take a step back and consider the details before simply diving in. One good way to start this process with solid colour shirts is through texture.

While it is no surprise that the recommendations most voiced when getting started with dress shirts hinges on the colours white and light blue (sky blue), not enough attention is paid to the weave/texture which can subtly enhance your ensemble without over complicating things in the way that pattern can.

Although far from exhaustive, give a few moments of thought to the following more readily available fabric choices the next time a new shirt is needed and you will be surprised at the positive effect this consideration can make.


Plain poplin tends to be the most common and a fairly light weight which makes it more suitable for warmer weather. This variant called End on End uses two coloured ends (one which is white) that alternate in the warp and the weft.


Twill is a weave that produces diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. A thicker fabric for cooler weather.


A dressy fabric that is not to be confused with the casual pinpoint oxford. Royal Oxford has a distinctive shine and texture and like the Panama weave, produces a basketweave look.


Herringbone can quickly become overwhelming so opt for a smaller version of this one sometimes called micro-herringbone.

Joseph Fields