Men’s Style of The Peacock Revolution

A revealing book on a time that is both fascinating and somewhat cringe worthy, “The Day of the Peacock: Style for Men 1963-1973” by Geoffrey Aquilina Ross takes us inside the world of men’s style circa 1963-1973 which saw a renaissance of dandyism (particularly in England) and was dubbed the “Peacock Revolution” by the media of the time (hence the book title).

Including much more than notable figures such as Tommy Nutter, Cecil Beaton and Patrick Lichfield, the author discusses such iconic shops as Granny takes a Trip, Blades, Hung on You and Mr Fish. Together with the introduction by Christopher Breward, we are placed firmly within the extraordinary social and cultural context of the “Swinging Sixties” .

Richly illustrated with no small help from the V&A archives, this slim 144 page offering includes 150 illustrations and will be available inĀ  North America beginning May 2011 (released last month in the United Kingdom).

Joseph Fields