Michter’s Original Sour Mash Whiskey Is Back!


With a history that dates back to American pre-Revolutionary War times (1753 to be exact), Michter’s grew out of humble beginnings in Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountain Valley when John Shenk, a Swiss Mennonite farmer decided to build a small distillery to convert his excess rye to whiskey.

Unfortunately in the late 20th century Michter’s fell on hard times and eventually declared bankruptcy. It was not until the 1990’s when Michter’s President Joseph J. Magliocco teamed up with Richard “Dick” Newman a spirits industry heavyweight, that things started to get underway again when the brand set up shop in Kentucky.

December 2012 marked the first release of Michter’s Original Sour Mash Whiskey in 23 years. It is made according to the traditional sour mash whiskey-making process whereby some previously fermented mash is used as the starter for the new mash to be fermented.

More than just a sour mash process whiskey, Michter’s Original Sour Mash is made from a special selection of grains, charred-barrel aged and, later on filtered according to the exacting Michter’s standards.

We know that a bottle of Michter’s Original Sour Mash can be difficult to get your hands on, that’s why we’re recommending the For Whiskey Lovers shop where you can pick one up for $44.95.

Michter’s Original Sour Mash Whiskey

Via WhiskyIntelligence