Moscot Originals At Tres Bien Shop

With clientele that includes Buddy Holly, Truman Capote, Johnny Depp and Sting in addition to having roughly 100 years in the business, Moscot must have a little more going for them than just celebrity hype.

Based in New York City but celebrated globally for spectacles with classic style, Moscot is also available in Europe through the Tres Bien Shop in Sweden who have recently restocked the Lemtosh and Miltzen models adding to the existing range of Moscot Originals which also includes the Zolman and Nebb.

Obviously an inspiration for other brands in the industry seeking to capture that authentic vintage look, if you want the genuine article be prepared to fork over between 200-250€ for a pair at Tres Bien.

Moscot Zolman Tortoise G15

Moscot Miltzen Crystal G15

Moscot Lemtosh Blonde G15

Joseph Fields