The Nautical Inspired Stripe Shirt


Worn by everyone from Cary Grant to Pablo Picasso, the nautical stripe shirt also called the Breton stripe, has been a summer staple for decades. Its history goes back to the late 1850’s when navy and white horizontal stripes became part of the uniform of Brittany seamen.

It was however Coco Chanel who first saw the potential of these maritime stripes for the mainstream and since then, we have not looked back. Although the stripe width and colour combinations can vary, my preference is for thinner stripes that use some shade of blue.

If you are a bit hesitant about wearing a wall of horizontal stripes, consider adding a cardigan or sports coat on top to quite things down a bit.


Famous faces in nautical stripes.  James Dean and Edward Prince of Wales.


A simple way to calm down those stripes.



Hackett London nautical stripes.

Joseph Fields