New Book Features Elizabeth Taylor Portraits By Andy Warhol

For fans of Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor it doesn’t get much better than this. Rizzoli has scheduled for release in April 2012 a new volume featuring the work of Andy Warhol  that concentrates solely on the portraits of Elizabeth Taylor.

Although “Liz” was a friend of Warhol’s in the 1970s and 1980s, the bulk of the best know works of her were done in the early to mid 1960’s using as source material various press clippings, publicity shots, and film stills.

Warhol made over fifty portraits of Taylor in all her incarnations– from the ethereally beautiful child-actress (National Velvet, 1963) to the commanding, voluptuous screen goddess (Blue Liz as Cleopatra, 1963). These iconic images are brought together for the first time in “Andy Warhol: Liz” with each portrait capturing the qualities of Elizabeth Taylor’s notorious and beloved character.

"Silver Liz" 1963 Andy Warhol

"Blue Liz as Cleopatra" 1963 Andy Warhol


Joseph Fields