Object of Style Victorian and Edwardian Shoe Horns

Since a sartorial life is in the details, I’ve decided to turn my focus towards the lonely shoe horn. While you can find numerous articles on the importance of shoe trees in maintaining your footwear investment, I seldom see the shoe horn mentioned with any degree of frequency.

The shoehorn is obviously practical as it allows a smooth entry of your heel into the shoe without creasing the leather around the back of the topline but it can also be an object of style. Any hand me down shoe horn can do the job but if your reading this, chances are that route is not for you.

Some of the most stylish that I’ve found were made in the Victorian and Edwardian eras and consist of a silver handle which is fully hallmarked (although age may have obscured the legibility) and a steel “spoon”. In the case of the one I own (pictured below) this portion is stamped “Steel English Make”.

In terms of style you can find anything from the highly ornate to the more restrained and given the amount of skill involved to produce these items, most can be be found for £30 or less if you are looking in the right place.

Joseph Fields