Old Parr 12yo (40%, OB, +/-2010) – Scotch Whisky Tasting Note

Launched in 1909 with top markets in Japan, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. The variants are Grand Old Parr (12 year old), Old Parr (15 year old) and Old Parr Superior (18 year old). Old Parr is well known as a traditional blended Scotch whisky with its unique bottle design. Thomas Parr (known as “Old Par”) was apparently Britain’s oldest man. He lived for 152 years and at the age of 122 he married for the second time. He is buried in Westminster Abbey, London. (From Diageo)

On the nose it’s slightly restrained at first but still pleasant, very much middle of the road if one is stumped for a collection of descriptors then simply saying ‘whisky’ would put you in the ball park. Some further time in the glass reveals (some what begrudgingly) some toffee notes and some hints of oak spice. Some further time in the glass brings out some citrus and quite possibly a little bit of peat smoke. All slightly elusive but still pleasant.

The taste is really very nice and again not over whelming in any one area; very much middle of the road with some good sweetness, a little dark chocolate, a little malt dust and some more of the oak spice. Any weight come in the form of Bovril (just a tinge) and some Ovalteen.

The finish is malty and honeyed, very mouth filling but does not stray from the script as previously described. It’s actually quite long but the dark chocolate bitterness gives way to a slightly less appealing bitterness after a minute or so but then the toffee re-emerges so all is forgiven. After a few minutes some good malt shows up…

Quite a pleasant dram and nice to try after seeing it in books for so many years.

Only $28

Score 81 points.

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