Pajamas: Then, Now and Always


In the October American edition of GQ, I was surprised to read that pajamas (pyjamas) are back which left me wondering where did they go? If you’re like me and are not content wearing just anything to bed, pajamas provide a cohesive looking and comfortable sleeping ensemble that at least in my mind, has no equal.

In the U.S.A. men’s stores like Brooks Brothers, J.Press and Paul Stuart are recommended while in the U.K. one of the best known names is Derek Rose (although shirt maker Turnbull & Asser also have nice albeit quite pricey pajamas).

If the so called return of pajamas has aroused your interest, be forewarned that the  purchase of other related items like a robe (dressing gown) and some good quality slippers may not be far behind.

Wrinkle-Resistant Oxford Pajamas

One of my favorite fabrics for fall/winter pajamas is oxford cloth. These are from Brooks Brothers. $98.50


Paul Stuart dark navy suede slipper with red leather lining and non-slip rubber sole. $248

derek rose robe

Sure you’ve seen solids, checks and stripes but what about dots? Derek Rose Royal 40 dressing gown. £185

Joseph Fields